HAP Business Plan 2017


The purpose of the Healthy Ageing Partnership is to establish the Sunshine Coast as one of the leading healthy ageing regions within Australia.

Objectives of the Partnership

Through the development of collaborative partnerships and practices, the Healthy Ageing Partnership aims to promote healthy ageing initiatives across the Sunshine Coast region. This is achieved with a clear and shared sense of purpose involving key stakeholders working together towards agreed positive healthy ageing outcomes in the region that extend beyond what individuals, services or organisations can achieve in isolation.

  1. Advocate and strengthen the development of partnerships and networking opportunities for healthy ageing initiatives on the Sunshine Coast.
  2. Identify and support existing healthy ageing projects and best practice initiatives.
  3. Share information and resources among key healthy ageing sectors and stakeholders for the benefit of the region.
  4. Monitor the effectiveness of HAP initiatives and embrace other innovations in the community.
  5. Support and enhance the independence of aged people and their primary carers
  6. Deliver quality information that’s evidenced based.

To read the full HAP Business Plan, click the link below:

HAP Business Plan 2017