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SafeTALK 2017 Workshop Multi-venue

SafeTALK Workshops

Lifeline Sunshine Coast are running a series of workshops on the Sunshine Coast to increase suicide alertness in our community.  This workshop is being run specifically for people actively involved in sport.  Participation is open any person over 17 eg parents, grandparents, coaches, admin, vols, players, who are keen to gain valuable skills to help keep their family, friends & community members safe from suicide.    There is a nominal fee of $15-$20 (depending on host venue).

The workshop is called ‘SafeTALK’ and runs for 3 hours.  safeTALK is a powerful experience. You can expect to feel challenged, empowered, and hopeful.   Its steps provide a simple method to engage with people at risk and connect them with resources that can carry out a full-scale intervention.




Workshop details

Nostalgia Seniors Art Exhibition

Butter Factory Arts Centre     Maple Street, Cooroy

December 8-22

Opening Event – Friday December 8 at 2pm

Guest Speaker: Judy Ditter – Noosa’s “First Lady”

Tuesday to Friday – Free Participatory Workshops (Bookings Essential)

Saturday 9thGrandies and Grandkids Morning” 10am-1pm

Further Details: Karis Ross Mon-Wed on 54445833. Email: caseworker@sun60.com.au

Nostalgia Seniors Art Exhibition & Entry


FREE Type 2 Diabetes Workshops

Type 2 workshop



Advocacy Seminar on Changes to Aged Care System

Are you aware of the changes to the Aged Care system?

All people 65 and over need to know and understand the new My Aged Care system and the changes that came into effect in February, 2017. Join Gerontologist and volunteer educator, Tahhniaa Dave, for an extended presentation, discussion group and question and answer panel focusing on the Aged Care Reforms, advocacy and the right time to access care.

The Australian Government announced significant reforms to home care in the 2015-16 Budget. The reforms will improve the way that home care services are delivered to older Australians. The Aged Care Reforms are well underway. As of 27 February 2017, a new set of changes will be implemented whereby funding for a home care package will follow the consumer. This will allow a consumer to choose a provider that is suited to them and to direct the funding to that provider. The consumer will also be able to change their provider if they wish, including if they move to another area to live. These reforms are designed to ensure a consistent national approach to prioritising access to home care through the My Aged Care gateway. This will be a fairer and more flexible way of distributing packages to consumers based on their individual needs and circumstances, wherever they live.

These changes are an important step in moving towards a future aged care system that is more consumer-driven.

The seminar will discuss the following:

  •  What are the Aged Care Reforms?
  •  How are they being implemented?
  •  How do these reforms benefit older Australians?
  •  When is the right time to seek help?
  •  What is My Aged Care?
  •  Effective ways to advocate for yourself or a loved one to access care.
  •  What type of Aged Care System can we expect to see in the future?

Changes Seminar


Strength Training Class for people in the early stages of Dementia and their carers

Time: Tuesday 1:30pm – 2:30pm and

 Thursday 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Where: Range Community Gym

Cost: $80 for 8 weeks ($5 per session).

For more information please call Tina McLaren 0490024367.

About the Course:

Over the past 20 years, research has demonstrated that high intensity strength training in older adults can benefit their health. More recent research has also shown people in the early stages of dementia can also reduce memory loss from high intensity strength training (1).

An 8-week strength training class designed for people in the early stages of dementia and their carers is being offered at the Range Community Gym beginning Oct 3rd 2017. This class is based on the Lift for Life program, with appropriate screening of participants to ensure their safety in the class and conducted in an environment which is “dementia friendly”.

It also offers an opportunity for people who care for people living with dementia a chance to exercise and gain the benefits of strength training while not taking up their precious respite time.

Participants are given a personally tailored program, and assessed at the start of the 8 weeks and at the end of the course. This testing includes a physical and a cognitive test, to demonstrate their improvements. Participants need to attend both sessions for the program to work.

The course is run by the Range Community’ Gym’s afternoon fitness instructor, Tina McLaren. Tina also works as a Carer with people with Dementia. The classes are small to ensure personal attention and are designed to make it easier for people living with the early stages of Dementia to workout.

Strength Training Class for people in the early stages of Dementia